The Financial Tracking 2017 CCO Compliance Playbook is out! In this time of market and regulatory uncertainty, you need it more than ever. The CCO sphere feels out of control but the Playbook helps you focus on what is actually in your control.

There’s no other resource like it. It’s our gift to the compliance community and it’s free for you.

It is packed full of information and expert advice for navigating the choppy waters of compliance risk – and your career. Plus, it provides a rich link library of the research
and source materials.


  • Find out what your peers are thinking – and worrying – about.
  • SmallPlayBookCover.pngLearn how to polish up the executive skills you need to cope with any challenges you may face.
  • Take a deep dive into the exploding role of technology in compliance and learn how to get the budget and other resources to automate your compliance program – no longer optional.
  • Review the regulatory agencies’ 2016 scorecard and how it affects the compliance world.
  • Get a look at some regulatory priorities that may prove predictable in 2017.

Financial Tracking has put it all together for you from our unique catbird seat at the intersection of compliance and technology. Just submit the request and immediately download the Playbook.